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Beyond The Basics!
Hip-Nosis for Hypnotherapy, Stage, Street, and Sports.
This training will make you a better all around hypnotist!

My secrets of stage hypnosis will make you a better all around hypnotist, and hypnotherapist. You really don't know hypnosis if you don't understand stage hypnosis

By Justin Tranz

“Award Winning Hypnotist”

5th May [Friday] - 7th May [Tuesday]

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Who This Live Workshop Is For

Healthcare Professionals

Personal Development Coaches

Magicians and Entertainers

Business Professionals

Athletes and Sports Coaches

Spiritual Seekers

Teachers and Educators


Any Individials

Here's What You Will Learn...

How to approach people, and speak powerfully and compelling

Get hypnotic phenomenon on anyone in seconds, these are real convincers, and your confidence will soar

Teach self-hypnosis to your client

Money making methods to increase your monthly hypnotherapy revenue

Never again hear: "I don't think I was hypnotized"

Turn resistance into compliance. (This technique alone will improve your hypnotic abilities)

Understand once and for all the hypnotic gaze, hypnotic touch, and hypnotic wording

Why the power of humor is so important

How to do age regression on anyone

My secrets of hypnotherapy for stop smoking, weight loss, and everything else

How to hypnotize virtually anyone, anywhere, and anytime

How to do a stage show from A to Z

Why suggestibility test are a waste of time, and what you should do instead

Why to never do a progressive relaxation induction again, and why instant and rapid inductions are so much better

Learn how to handle difficult audiences, and resistant subjects

How to draw a crowd on the street

The business of booking your show

Sports-Nosis for amateur or professional atheletes

Learn how to take on all challenges, and never runaway and make excuses again

Never give your power away again

If You’ve Checked One Or More Than One Boxes Above,

Then This Workshop Is Exactly For You, To Solve Your Problems!

& Unlock Bonuses Worth $5000

I don’t tell you these things to impress you. I tell you these things to impress upon you the importance of learning hypnosis from someone who is highly qualified.

Most hypnosis trainers have lied to you about their experience and training. They show you video clips of themselves teaching seminars. However, this isn’t real world experience.

These video clips are a form of social proof, which they use to fool you into believing they are experienced. They might show you a clip of them doing a hypnosis show, however you never get to see the whole show; and you don’t know how old the clip is.

Most hypnosis trainers/instructors don’t have any real training or experience whatsoever. Some have even written books on hypnosis themselves, so you perceive them to be an expert on the subject.

These hypnosis trainers make all of their money from selling you hypnosis DVDs. They don’t make their money doing hypnotherapy or stage hypnosis.

When they tell you they have done literally hundreds or even thousands of hypnosis shows, you should ask them to show you at least 10 or 20 unedited stage hypnosis shows from beginning to end. They will make up every excuse in the book why they can’t show them to you. Now…Don’t “YOU” think there is something a little fishy about that? They may even tell you they are retired, and they just enjoy the successes of their students now….more BS!

They have no real proof of what they have done. They have no real proof of where they learned hypnosis, as many are self taught. In fact many, make all of their money teaching others how to do something they aren’t successful at.

And That’s Where This Live Workshop Can Help You,

How This Workshop Will Change The Entire Game For You!

#1 Thing About Your Workshop That Actually Will Help People Solve Their Problem/Achieve Their Desired Result.

#2 Thing About Your Workshop That People Actually Need To solve their problem/achieve their desired result.

#3 Your Unique Mechanism, That Makes Your Workshop Different & A Perfect Solution.

& Unlock Bonuses Worth $5000

Go From Having Stuggles to Feeling Confident In 3 Days

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& Unlock Bonuses Worth ₹18,997/-

What You’ll Learn/Discover In 3-Day Live Workshop

Design 1

Design 2

Day 1

Business Growth Strategies

"The Consulting Circle is amazing and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to grow their business to new levels!"- Mrs Consultant

Day 2

Business Growth Strategies

"The Consulting Circle is amazing and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to grow their business to new levels!"- Mrs Consultant

Day 3

Business Growth Strategies

"The Consulting Circle is amazing and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to grow their business to new levels!"- Mrs Consultant

Day 4

Business Growth Strategies

"The Consulting Circle is amazing and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to grow their business to new levels!"- Mrs Consultant

Day 5

Business Growth Strategies

"The Consulting Circle is amazing and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to grow their business to new levels!"- Mrs Consultant

Design 3

& Unlock Bonuses Worth $5000

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Don’t Believe Me, See The Results/Transformation Yourself

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Implement the learnings in your life/business[Area]

And Here’s What You’ll Discover/Learn In Live Masterclass

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Still Wondring If This Workshop Will Help You?

Check Out What Few Celebrities Have To Say


"I loved the show, it was fantastic."

Jimmy Kimmel

Talk Show Host


"Very, Very Funny Man."

Wayne Brady

Talk/Game Show Host


"The greatest hypnotist of all time."

Muhammad Ali

Boxing Legend


"Don't Look In His Eyes."

Joe Jackson

Talent Manager

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If 5000+ People Like You Can Do It, You Can Too!

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Meet Your Mentor

Justin Tranz

Youtube Content Creator, Developer,
Entrepreneur, Trader

Start with a strong mentioning of qualifications/recognition to build credibility in the very first paragraph.
Talk more about the achievements of the mentor(You). Write everything in the third person.
Talk more about your expertise, bring in more interesting facts why you are the best trainer to teach this topic.

Share Your Story in brief, Before & After, What your life was before and what happened that changed your life

State your mission on what you are trying to do with your Workshop and courses.

Credibility Point 1

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur elit adipisicing elit. Autem

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By Coach “Your Great Name”, After Attending The Workshop

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No Questions Asked, 100% Money Back Guarantee

Yes, I am that confident in the value I provide, People who attend this workshop has shown 99.75% Satisfaction rate, And I am sure you too will get immense value out of it.

If for some reason, you feel this is not worth it & I’ve wasted your time & money, I will see to it personally that you get a 100% refund ASAP.

No, There Are No Refunds

Particulary because I don’t want to prepare you to fail, & I don’t want to invite you with such a mindset, You’ve seen what you’ll learn in workshop, you’ve seen 5000+ people have got amazing results, you’ve heard in their own words what this workshop can do, you’ve seen the brands/Publications I’ve worked with/featured on, You’ve know I am credible and bring in real transformation in lives. Now you have to decide if this workshop is worth it.

Make a very strong close here, Give People A Final Call, Clear up time & money objection or any other objection, Show them the clear benefit of joining workshop & loss of not joining it, or even both, make them imagine themselves enjoying the benefit, Don’t be pushy. Keep the facts and let them decide. See The Example Below.

Is It Worth it?

You Decide if,

₹497 & 5-Days For [The Desired Outcome]

Is worth It

Alright Let Me Make This Easy For You

How Often Do You Think About This While Ordering A Large Size Pizza Or Scrolling Social Media, Watching Videos For 3-4 Hours Daily?


2-3 From Today, while you’d be enjoying the life you’ve only dreamed of yet,

You never thought, it would come into reality, but it did, thanks to a SMALL decision you took years ago that changed your life completely,

Now you’re [Show them their ideal life

Who they will be years after

What will they be doing years after

How will their life be

What would They achieve]

Decision Is Yours

Take Action And Change Your Life, [Desired Outcome] Or Sit Back And Do Nothing

But Remember, If You Chose to Do Nothing!

Life Will Be The Same And Your Everyday Will Be The Same, Maybe Even Worse

And After Years, You May Look Back, And Wish With Regret

If Only I Had Taken Action When I Had The Opportunity!

& Unlock Bonuses Worth $5000

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone who wants to learn how to hypnotize virtually anyone, anywhere, and anytime. If you are a Veteran stage hypnotist, you will take your game to a new level.

However you don’t have to be or want to be a stage hypnotist to get value out of this 3-day training. There are tons of valuable information here that a clinical hypnotherapist can both learn from and put to immediate use in their practice.

My thinking and methods on hypnosis are very different from what you have read or are going to find anywhere else. I am a student of hypnosis myself and I am always learning new ways to hypnotize.

You might be asking yourself why I am offering my training now? I am offering trainings not because I really want to. I never planned on sharing my secrets until I physically couldn’t do it anymore. However there are so many people out there who claim to be experts.

The hypnosis industry has become overrun with internet marketers peddling products that don’t work and professional hypnotists selling old out dated techniques that you can read in any basic hypnosis book.

Thus, I wanted to give you a better option if you are serious about learning hypnosis.
Due to the proprietary nature of this material, and the fact that it has never before been revealed before, I originally planned to charge quite a bit more for this training.

However for this seminar the cost is $2,000.00 I know that is a lot. However I suspect you will make your money back just from your next stage show, next client or street performance.

So I think, $2,000.00 is a worth while investment!

1. If you are already a hypnotist, certified hypnotherapist or NLPer, this class will give you the knowledge and help fine turn your skills for the entertainment market or to bolster your presentation skills.

2. If you know absolutely nothing about hypnosis but are eager, coachable, willing to do whatever it takes to become a professional, this professional and powerful stage hypnosis program can be your springboard to success.

& Unlock Bonuses Worth $5000