Like other great comedic entertainers, Tranz pushes the outer limits of humor with his unconventional approach to entertainment.

From headlining the Las Vegas Strip for over a decade, to his hit weekly television series “Extreme Truth” on Playboy TV for 7 years, and his Broadway Show in New York, NY. Justin has been on The Tonight Show, The Wayne Brady Show, MTV, BET, VH1, Fox Sports, Spy TV, and many others.

You will be amazed by his thorough understanding of the human mind. Just like a Surgeon, TRANZ skillfully operates on your psyche, your fears and your funny bone, with the “Power of Suggestion.” In less than a second, volunteers are placed into a very highly suggestible state of mind (HYPNOSIS). Next Justin puts the volunteers into comical situations, that leaves his sold out audience’s limp with laughter.
“SEE THE SHOW, BE THE SHOW!” A unique feature of the shows is that no two is alike because the participants are taken directly from the audience. The difference in personalities takes the show in unpredictable directions every night. You will see the show once, and you will feel compelled to see it again and again!
JUSTIN TRANZ also knows the serious side of hypnosis, and the benefits it can bring. When Justin speaks of improving lives with hypnosis, he speaks from personal experience. Justin was a sever stutterer, the speech therapists gave up on him, and told him he would be a lifelong stutterer. Justin used hypnosis to overcome this debilitating challenge, and become an amazing entertainer, TV host, and professional speaker. These are the same hypnosis techniques he used, that turned his own life into a success story, and looks forward to helping you to achieve your dreams using hypnosis.

Justin already been featured on The Tonight Show, The Wayne Brady Show, MTV, BET, VH1, and Fox Sport… television is his other stage.

JUSTIN TRANZ has, through both seminars and personal sessions, helped thousands in their bid to stop smoking, lose weight or attain other personal goals through self-hypnosis. Justin has logged over 25,000 hours of clinical hypnotherapy one on one sessions. He also trains medical professionals in the uses of clinical hypnosis for their practices. Justin has worked with corporations to achieve their corporate goals (motivation, sales, and reducing stress). In 2014 Justin starred in a 7 video TV commercial campaign for IKEA Furniture, where he hypnotized shoppers (IKEA Time Travel Experiment).
Justin has help athletes in all sports and levels of competition. Justin works with NBA Players to improve their game on the court, and their lives off the court. Every year Justin is brought in by the NBPA (National Basketball Players Association) to The Top 100 Camp to work with the top 100 High School Basketball Players in the world, and every year Justin is brought to the NBA Rookie Transition Program to entertain the NBA Rookies. Justin has worked with many professional boxers and they are all undefeated (while working with Justin in their corner). Justin has also helped thousands of golfers to lower their score with just the power of suggestion! Justin also teaches women how to have painless childbirths, and has helped hundreds to eliminate chronic pain. JUSTIN TRANZ’S powerful and amazing hypnosis shows offer spellbinding entertainment, and enlightenment!