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What is Pimp Your Mind?

Whether you are a hypnotherapist or a stage hypnotist, you will not want to miss this training. In this training I am going to show you how to hypnotize people quickly, easily, and deeply.
I don’t teach technique or theory! I don’t teach what you can find or read in a book for yourself. In fact, what I teach, you can’t find talked about or written about in any book anywhere. I teach what I have learned over my 50 years of hypnotizing real people in real life situations!
I will teach you the same techniques I used to win the Playboy TV audition, which landed me the STARRING ROLE on Playboy TV’s Extreme Truth. My techniques also won me the position to be featured in 7 different IKEA Furniture Commercials worldwide. I was up against the most famous, and most recognized hypnotists today. In fact I have been on many other TV auditions, using my techniques, and I have never lost an audition yet!

I will share with you:

• my hypnotic touch!
• my hypnotic gaze!
• my hypnotic words!

Who should benefit from this offer?

Anyone who wants to learn how to hypnotize virtually anyone, anywhere, and anytime. If you are a Veteran stage hypnotist, you will take your game to a new level.

However you don’t have to be or want to be a stage hypnotist to get value out of this training. There are tons of valuable information here that a clinical hypnotherapist can both learn from and put to immediate use in their practice.

Here is what you will learn…….

• Learn about rapport and why it’s important
• Learn how to turn resistance into compliance. (This technique alone will improve your hypnotic abilities)
• Why the power of humor is so important.
• Learn how to hypnotize virtually anyone, anywhere, and anytime.
• Why suggestibility test are a waste of time, and what you should do instead.
• Learn how to handle difficult audiences, and resistant subjects.
• Learn my techniques for getting people to quit smoking, lose weight
• Learn how to get a Vegas show.
• Learn how the secrets of stage hypnosis, will make you a better hypnotists or hypnotherapists. If you don’t know the secrets of stage hypnosis, you don’t know hypnosis!
• Learn how to take on all challenges, and never runaway and make excuses again.

My thinking and methods on hypnosis are very different from what you have read or are going to find anywhere else. I am a student of hypnosis myself and I am always learning new ways to hypnotize.
By subscribing now, you will get 1 hour of the training each month.
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Remember! You are also getting, absolutely FREE, for the first 12 months, one episode of my TV series “Extreme Truth” which aired on Playboy TV.

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