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3 – Days “HiP-NoSiS Training” Starts In


JUSTIN TRANZ has been “hipnotizing” people for over 40 years. He has done well over 8,000 stage shows and has put more than 150,000 people to “sleep.” Justin headlined in Las Vegas on The Strip for over a decade, starred in Playboy TV’s hit show “The Extreme Truth” and is the only hypnotist in history to have a run on Broadway for two years. Featured on The Tonight Show, The Wayne Brady Show, MTV, BET, VH1, and Fox Sport… television is his other stage.


Beyond The Basics! Hip-Nosis for Hypnotherapy, Stage, Street, and Sports. This training will make you a better all around hypnotist!

May 5, 6, 7 2023

I will teach you the art of subtle changes that turns good subjects to great subjects…AND..resistant subjects to cooperative subjects…AND..anxious subjects to comfortable subjects.
There’s nothing like that feeling of overwhelming confidence when you know you are able to hypnotize anyone in a couple of seconds.

Justin Tranz